Luvly Day

We had a great day wandering in Lunenburg and Mahone Bay. After lunch at Rime we went to The Lunenburg Makery, I love the idea of a Makery. It is a place to create, you can learn to make clothes, and other crafts. I picked up some really cool design books. Worn and Anthology were my favs.


Then we went next door to Luvly. A clothing boutique that specializes in Canadian designers. I found a cute coral dress by Pre-loved.



On we went to Dots and Loops. A store specializing in handmade things. I found a few treasures.




I can’t seem to travel through Mahone Bay without stopping at Have A Yarn. I found some pretty colours of CoBaSi.


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Luvly Rime

Hanging out in Lunenburg today with D. Lunch at Rime then onto luvly for a new look. Stay tuned for the reviews.


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Fleece Artist

I love this Big Blue yarn, 100% Blue Face Leicester Wool from Mineville, Nova Scotia. It will be turned into a hat soon. A special request from an Archaeology buddy.


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Tuesday Morn

What a lovely Tuesday morning knit group at The Wool and Tart.


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Dig Day Two

My second and last day was great. I wish I could stay longer but my job calls. We found some interesting artifacts today. Wood, copper, ceramics and a few mysteries. I’ll have to wait until the analysis happens before I can find out the whole story. With every season there always arises a new question, it keeps you going until the next digging season comes. Here are some photos.



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Yesterday was perfect. We found a rainbow at the end.


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Dig Day One

It’s a peaceful place along the North Shore where we are excavating. Reuniting with the people and places that are familiar now on my seventh season here is something I always look forward to. Being with like minded folks who share this love of history and piecing together the past is something I need like air. It recharges my batteries and clears away the cobwebs from my brain. Here are a few photos from today’s events.





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