In The Lake of The Woods by Tim O’Brien

This book was a recommendation from Stephan King’s book On Writing.  It was intriguing.  It has some mystery and a strange quality that keeps you hooked.  Well written.  A quick read because it doesn’t waste a word unnecessarily.  It lets you use your brain, which I love.  Novels that tell the story instead of letting the reader experience the story, I find a waste.  It’s about a man with a past and a secret he has kept for most his life.  His wife disappears.  The reader has insight that the police don’t.  That was the intriguing part.  Worth a read.


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My latest shawl:


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Wirbel Shawl

image image

I’ve finished my shawl.  I haven’t blocked it yet.  I’ve been wearing it instead, I couldn’t wait.

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The Gift of Music

I’ve been busily practicing for a casual guitar recital today.  Also, I whipped up this little green Bow Peep dress.  My guitar teacher’s baby daughter Siobhan will be the recipient.  A Thank-you for putting up with my classical guitar shenanigans.  The little bolero I knit with a yarn called Folk Song, and a bit of Noro.  


Frais Catering had a beautiful cream of asparagus soup.  Yum!!

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One of those days…

Today was one of those days when you need to sit by the phone waiting for news.  Good or bad.  So I decided to do this waiting, outside, knitting with friends.

I’m really very pleased with how my Wirbel Shawl is coming along.  The colorway is amazing.  

Night blog friends!

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Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier

  I picked up this novel in the library and the opening paragraph grabbed me.  The main character whom the reader gets to know gradually over the course of the first few chapters is a young women  who is a companion to a tyrannical American lady.  The young women comes to meet an older gentleman who has a secretive darkness about him.  So of course they fall in love.  The story gets even better.  There was a bit of mystery at every turn and a little romance early twentieth-century style.  The book has been around for awhile but it is still relevant today.  Daphne Du Maurier’s writing was rather risqué for her time. Her life itself is fascinating.  After I read the Afterword I feel like I should read this book again and find those hidden layers of meaning.  


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Kai-Mei Socks

I finished these lacy Co-Ba-Si socks.  They feel nice on the foot.  A summer weight with a cotton/bamboo/silk blend.   



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