Shubie Canal Dig

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I had a great afternoon, doing some Archeaology at the Shubie Park.  It was a beautiful day.

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More Knitting

Yesterday I spent the afternoon knitting at The Wool and Tart.  I decided to bequest a recently finished cowl to a relatively new knitter Allie.image

Its getting a little spooky at the shop…image

I’m continuing with my Christmas knitting.  Straw mittens and hat.  image

Happy Knitting!!!

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Forensic Anthropology

I was lucky to have been able to attend a lecture at Saint Mary’s University, one of my old stomping grounds, Tuesday evening.  Dr Douglas Owlsy is a famous forensic anthropologist from the Smithsonian institute.  He has worked on a number of high profile Cases, Jeffery Dalmer, 9-11, and I recognize him from Forensic Files.  I was on the edge of my seat the whole time he spoke of his latest project involving the remains found in the Cheasapeake bay area.  Namely Jamestown and Saint Mary’s.  It was a hard life for those colonists and the hardships were apparent in the bones they left behind.  It was fascinating.image image image

I stated until after question period.  I have now join as a life-time member of the NS Archeaology society.  Their upcoming monthly talks sounds super interesting to this Archeaology nerd;)

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Misty Moon Poncho

I was searching for inspiration and came across this yarn in my stash.  It’s Borgo dePazzi, degradé, 100% wool.  I made it up as I went along and it turned out to be a cute poncho.  I added one of my felted flowers and voila!, a misty moon poncho. Our view of the supermoon last night was spectacular.  I couldn’t capture the beauty in a photo but here’s my shot.image image

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Deep Rooted

My plan was to listen to festival music…I ended up knitting at The Wool and Tart.  Maybe after Tea Time.  The Rhythm Parade went be…image

image image

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Deep Roots

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More beautiful music at the festival.  Blown away by Ariana Nasr singing Edith Pilaf.  Had a good knee slapping time with Jonathan Byrd and his boys, first time hearing a saw being played, and I loved it.  The depth of Amelia Curran’s lyrics always has me hanging on her every word.

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Deep Roots


Glad to be able to attend the main stage opening event for our Deep Roots festival.  This is exactly what my soul was searching for.

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