My Icelandic Sweater update

The blue is like an ocean blue, lit with sunlight.   


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The View

The View

It’s a narrow view through those eyes.

Dead set on making a mountain of misery,

From a thread of truth.

Lies flow easy.

Just like truths to some.

Rotted, stinking truths.

The thing is, 

I see the view,

It’s not pretty, from where I’m at.



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Surprise project 

Have you ever started knitting and not have a pattern or any idea what you might make?  Well I received this fluffy mohair blend ages ago from a friend.  It’s pink/brown waves of color in a gigantic ball!!  Any stitch pattern would just get lost in the fluff so I’m straight knitting  an unknown amount of stitches, for however long I feel like it.  I can see a fluffy wrap or shawl like creature taking form…wish me luck!


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My Icelandic Sweater

I started a new project last week.  “My Icelandic Sweater”. 

  I’m using Mineville wool project Yarn wool blend for this project.  A Nova Scotian company.  Yay!  

Knitting the sleeves. 

 see my huge apple.  I just picked up my Taproot CSA and oh my! we grow big apples.   


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I made these mittens with left over Lanaloft wool and Andean mist alpaca.  I didn’t have enough for a traditional thumb gusset, so this afterthought thumb was perfect.  


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I’m beginning this year as I ended the last.  Knitting socks!  These are sympathy socks for a dear friend.  

Now I just have to knit the mates.  

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Top down

I found this idea for a top down hat on Pinterest.  It’s so much more fun to knit than the brim up version.


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