Airy Scarf


I decided to shop in my own stash and found this pretty peach color alpaca/silk blend.  The pattern is from one of my favourite books,”Last-minute knitted gifts” by Joelle Hoverson.

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What Remains to be Seen

What remains to be seen

He’s painting like a writer writes.
In layers of colour.
Like similes and metaphors.
Transforming meaning with each stroke.

Mixing words into truths.
The colours bleed through.
Another word scratched into place.
Leaving a telltale scar we can trace.

Then a knowing starts to appear before your eyes.
Like words removing their disguise,
A form takes shape,
Demanding to be seen.

But what lies beneath?
Remains to be seen.

Written by DawnHiprose

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Burly Baby Blanket

Knit with Burly Spun by Brown Sheep Company

Knit with Burly Spun by Brown Sheep Company

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Finished Chunky Brown Sheep Cowl


That was quick!!!

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Chunky Brown Sheep Cowl


I’m having a lazy Sunday Tea Party for one.  I’m knitting with super chunky 100%Wool from The Brown Sheep company and 15 mm needles.  I’ll be done in no time!

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A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler


This story is about a quirky family, told from different members’ viewpoints through the recall of memories.  Like we all do when families get together.  The telling and re telling of family folklore has always been a tradition in my family so I appreciated this style of writing.  A house plays a prominent role in this story also.  Houses don’t make a home, families do but it provides an interesting landscape.  I felt like I needed to re read this novel after I read the last page.  The undercurrents of meaning drifting in and out of the different stories connects them.  I’m afraid I might have missed something.  The author uses innuendo and suggestion to tell this brilliant story.  I like working my mind a little when I read it helps keep me engaged and in the world the author has created instead of my own.  Easier to escape that way:)

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Magic Potion


Needle felting to The Black Keys.  I think I’m obsessed.

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