Sula by Toni Morrison

I finished this book last night.  Only Toni Morrison could write a completely wonderful story in 174 pages.  Every sentence the sweetest pleasure to the senses.  I love how the opening page and closing page meet in contentment.  Definitely worth a read.


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Sunny Lemon Tart

Almost finished my Quicksilver Shawl.  Look at this lemony tart from Frais Catering.  Perfect on this beautiful sunny day.   



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Finally a sunny day

It’s a wonder really how I get any knitting done… 


I did finish the first sock last night.


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Enon by Paul Harding

This is Paul Hardings second novel.  His first was critically acclaimed novel Tinkers.  Tinkers is on my list to read soon, they are connected but it isn’t necessary to read Tinkers first.    

 His novel Enon is a devastatingly sad story about a father who loses his young daughter and how he struggles with the loss.  I think the author really brings it home how loss can damage  the soul and wound the heart.  It changes who you are really, and the way you see the world.  Bits of hope shine through the story to keep the reader going.

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Simply Modern Lace

I purchased this book a few days ago.  It includes a primer on lace knitting and 20 beautiful patterns.  I started these socks with a pretty little simple lace pattern.  These are knit with CoBaSi yarn.  This yarn has a nice elasticity to it.   



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Painted Horses by Malcolm Brooks

So I finished this book last night.  I was hooked immediately after the first few pages because the main character is an Archaeologist and a female to boot!   The setting is post WWII, my favourite time period.  This book seemed to have everything, a strong heroine, a lovestory and even Cowboys and Indians.  The author definitely did his homework with authentic cowboy jargon, and detailed imagery of the beauty of the wild horse.  It was delious food for thought.   


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Good Eats

I’ve been eating some great tasting food in the past few days.  Isn’t it beautiful?

Cha Baa Thai:

Birds nests   

Spicy Noodle  

Frais Catering:

Yummy chocolate cheese cake 

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