I’m making headway on my Quicksilver shawl.  It’s fun to knit, with the striping and open work lace wedges.   


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We loved the Addams Family Musical!  It was full of sly humor and terrific dance numbers.  I’m always amazed by the costuming, make up and stage effects.  Sometimes I pay more attention to those details than the actual story.  It’s a delicious buffet for my senses.  I remembered my high school musical days down in the “pit”, playing music for Brigadoon.  The cast and crew did a marvellous job.  

We have such talent here in Nova Scotia.  I wish our government could see the wealth in funding our cultural endeavours.  Art and culture is what makes us human.  

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The Cat’s Table By Michael Ondaatje 

I finished this book last week.  It took awhile to sink in, I let the words ruminate in my brain for awhile.  Firstly, well written, I don’t think I would still be thinking about it if it wasn’t.  It’s about an eleven-year old boys adventure on board a ship bound for England.  There were some Huckleberry Finn moments with his motley crew of friends.  This journey across sometimes turbulent waters lasted weeks but the experiences echoed throughout his life.  It ends with dark reveals and unanswered questions.  It’s definitely worth the read.   


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Addams Family

Waiting for The Addams Family Musical to begin at Neptune!!



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Tuesday Morning

Its Tuesday morning Knit group time.  


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Jorgen Ballet

Canada’s Jorgen Ballet came to Wolfville!  It was beautiful, funny, and inspiring.  The Festival Theatre was packed.   


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Penny in the Sun

Finished half of my Penny vest, I’m loving this colour.  Perfect for warmer months ahead.  I had a wonderful lunch from Frais Catering today.  Pea soup with a mustard butter with ham and Gruyere puff pastry.  



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