Yarn Yummies

Hanging at the shop…


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Lazy Sunday

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Sunny Spot

I found this spot to be sunny and particularly conducive to dabbling in my newly acquired habit.

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Lunenburg Lecture

Another nerd quest…

Can’t wait until these socks are done!!!!!


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Pair of socks

I finished these socks.   

Now I just have to finish the mates;)

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Quartetto Gelato

I received a huge surprise.  Free tickets to see Quartetto Gelato last night and was blown away by their talent. 

From world champion accordian playing to the Oboe players ability to play 14 instruments and do acrobatics.  It was amazing.  Thanks to my Guitar Teacher for the tickets. 

PS: I proudly knit my socks wilst I sat and stared in amazement  at the stage.  
Take care!

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Sleeping Beauty

We saw the most delightful performance last night.  J├Ârgen ballet’s version of Sleeping Beauty at the Rebecca Cohn.  There’s nothing like the sound of pointe shoes on a stage floor.  I’m always amazed by the strength and fortitude it takes to perform all of those scenes and make it look easy.  The pit orchestra was awesome, with the sound of the bassoon and the harp.  Lovely!   


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