Window Seat

Sitting like a cat in the sun.  

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Lunenburg Academy Day Two

Lots of learning today onsite.  Made some new discoveries on the genealogy front.  They still have lots of digging to do to find the anomalies present on the geophysical study, I plan on joining the crew in June for the next stage.  I’m excited already.  We all need something to look forward to.  This is my motivation for keeping a healthy mind, body, and spirit.   

It’s a dirty job but somebody’s got to do it!

Fully exposed drain.

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Spent sometime sketching in the last two weeks.  It’s a learning process for sure.

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Lunenburg Academy site day one

We had a great day one at the Academy dig site.  It turned out to be good weather and everyone was super enthusiastic.  I learned loads in the Primer on the early years at Lunenburg and the early settlers.  Which is part of my heritage.  I toured through the old cemetery and found some of my ancestors’ grave markers.  It’s a strange feeling to see a 250 year old ancestors name, and their last resting place.  

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Yarn Yummies

Hanging at the shop…


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Lazy Sunday

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Sunny Spot

I found this spot to be sunny and particularly conducive to dabbling in my newly acquired habit.

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